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Join us for an interactive, practical & fun workshop in a 2 part series.


CORE birth skills + post natal recovery is designed to demystify labour, educate & empower the mother & birth partner on active labour techniques as well as effective strategies.

Join Core’s Lee Ajzenman + Caitlin McCartney to;

  • Understand the labour process & what to expect from your body
  • Be given skills to work through each stage of labour
  • Be educated about post natal recovery & self care – all you need
    to know to look after yourself post labour .

This knowledge will support the new mother to feel strong, safe & empowered in her post natal body. We’ll be sure to tackle the serious questions but are also ready to have fun & a laugh! You will walk away feeling prepared and empowered.


NEWBORN sleep workshop

Core is so excited to have Rebecca Park, who is an amazing sleep consultant join us for an

informative session covering your newborns sleep patterns, settling and calming techniques, day/night rhythms a safe sleep environment as well as a brief look at how sleep changes in their first year.

Session is suited for prenatal parents + parents of newborns 0-8 weeks.

Together these workshops will ensure you have the knowledge to look after yourself & your new baby.

Join us and enjoy delicious organic tea, snacks + exclusive specials on the night.

DATES: Wed 2nd + 9th May 7:30 – 9:30pm
INVESTMENT: $40 for 1 workshop or $70 for both

Book online or via our app under ‘workshops’.