Core is here for you. Even while you stay at home.

Don’t let the stay at home guidelines derail all the hard work that you have put in towards your wellbeing, injury prevention, rehabilitation and other goals.

Whether you have just joined the Core community or are a Core veteran (or anything in between!), we know you well. Our thorough face to face assessments and planning that has already been done means that a transition to online sessions will be seamless. Evidence shows the best results for telemedicine are combined with face to face assessment or care, and then  having “real – time” feedback. Our service to you ticks both these boxes. See our blog where we review the efficacy of telemedicine here.

The potential benefits of booking in a session with us include:

  • Improving mood and wellbeing
  • Sleeping better
  • Providing structure to your day through planning your weekly sessions (there is no doubt staying motivated is harder than ever right now!)
  • Continuing with your current rehab plan so you don’t lose sight of your goals
  • Preventing injury, pain or loss of strength and fitness
  • Finally getting your work from home ergonomics and routine in check with someone who knows you and knows best
  • Getting “real time” feedback

You don’t have to be tech savvy. Our online sessions are via zoom, and back and forth even on the phone if you are having issues will mean it will feel like we are right beside you in no time.

You don’t need “equipment”. We don’t want you buying anything that you don’t need. Some sessions require an elastic exercise band, a cushion, a couple of tins from the pantry. But if you have more, we will definitely make the most of it!

Use your private health cover! Our sessions are claimable. Contact your insurer to find out what you are eligible for.

Don’t leave it too long! We have been in and out of lock down for one third of the year now, so it’s time to get moving at home, hopefully as a warm up to see you in the studio soon!

How can we help you ONLINE?

  • Core Telehealth Physio Consults
  • Ergonomic assessment and workstation set up guidance/ planning
  • A wide range of Core LIVE group classes including stretchy, beginners, advanced sessions from early morning until the evening
  • Pregnancy 1:4 sessions
  • Post natal 1:4 sessions

Contact your physio, call or email reception or book online now!

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