Why Myotherapy at Core Physio + Pilates?

At Core, we assess and treat your muscular dysfunction in order to heal and improve your strength and flexibility, and to help reduce your pain levels. Our treatment methods include:


Soft and deep tissue massage

Dry needling and Cupping

Pregnancy Massage (with a specially designed pregnancy pillow)

Trigger point therapy

Muscle energy techniques

Rehabilitation exercises

Our goal is to help you recover, in order to increase your sense of well-being for lifestyle, work and sport. If required, your Myotherapist may design a rehabilitation program as part of your ongoing treatment plan. This may include a tailored at home or studio exercise program combining Pilates, stretches and/or Physiotherapy treatment, to ensure a speedy and long-term recovery.
Our Myotherapists are known for their ability to communicate with you, their hands-on and results-driven approach and their confident manner when managing your health-care. At Core we take ongoing education very seriously which is why our Myotherapists and health practitioners are constantly updating their skills and using the latest evidence-based treatments to get you results and take care of your health.
Our Myotherapists want you to feel great when you walk out of your appointment, but more importantly, they are focused on long-term results and the prevention of future injury.

Is Myotherapy for me?

Myotherapy is appropriate for:

Back, neck and shoulder pain

Headaches and migraines

Sports injuries (including tennis elbow, ankle injuries, tendinitis)

Increasing mobility and movement

Lifestyle modification

Chronic pain (such as fibromyalgia)


Preventative treatments

Joint pain

Jaw pain

Occupational injuries

Physiotherapy exercises for lower back pain

Prenatal care and postnatal recovery

Our qualified and compassionate Myotherapists are able to treat patients of all ages and with a wide-ranging presentation of health concerns.  Our expert Myotherapists apply their knowledge and skills to a wide range of issues, including sports injuries, pre and post-surgery rehabilitation, injury assessment and rehab, severe muscle tightness and spasms, pre and postnatal care, migraines, massage Myotherapy as well as relaxation and general well being.

Myotherapy is part of our approach to family wellness, which means that our Myos take appointments for children, teens, pregnant and postnatal women, elite athletes, seniors, and those with general health complaints or concerns. The techniques used in myo are adapted as part of the individualised care you receive.

Why Myotherapy at Core Physio + Pilates?

Myotherapists treat the muscles, soft tissue, ligaments and tendons of the body while Physiotherapists treat the structure and joint mechanisms of the body. Both use manual therapy to alleviate pain and discomfort, yet the way they do this varies. Myotherapists tend to have a slightly more hands-on approach during your appointment. Myotherapy and remedial massage is often used to treat patients as well as exercises, stretches, dry-needling, cupping and other massage techniques. At Core, we have a holistic approach to your body and your health, which means that our allied health practitioners work together to ensure you are receiving the best care focusing on the best outcomes for you and your health concerns.

If you want to know more about the best Myotherapist Melbourne has to offer, or for more information about our experienced and compassionate Physiotherapists, contact our friendly reception staff today on 03 9523 8111.
At Core Physio + Pilates, our objective is to help you recover as quickly as possible. We will encourage and support you to achieve the results you desire, through the most practical means available. You may need a one-off appointment or regular ongoing treatments depending on what is required. Your Myotherapist will discuss exactly what is expected about your ongoing care during your first appointment.
Please bring along any referrals, scans, x-rays or reports which you may have.
Your normal every-day clothing is generally fine. However, if you are wearing restrictive clothing on the day we suggest you bring something a bit looser to change into as your Myotherapist will need to access the area requiring treatment. Ensuring you feel comfortable during your Myotherapy consultation is key.
Your appointment may be 30-minutes to one hour, depending on the treatment required. This will all be confirmed with you at the time of booking.

Can I claim a rebate for Myotherapy?

Your Myotherapy appointment is covered by HICAPS which means that you are eligible for a rebate depending on your extras cover and insurer.

How do I book?

Unfortunately, we are currently not offering our Myotherapy services. Please call reception on 03 9523 8111. if you would like to discuss what other options we have for you at Core!

Can I Claim Physiotherapy on Medicare?

You may be able to receive a Medicare rebate on your Physiotherapy at Core Physio + Pilates if you have an approved Management Plan from your GP for a chronic injury. Medicare rebates are available for a maximum of five services per patient per calendar year. For more information about Medicare rebates and what you need to know, make an appointment with your GP or contact reception
on 03 9523 8111.