Physiotherapy Melbourne

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is about preventing, treating and managing a variety of health complaints relating to injury, mobility and movement. In your session, your Physiotherapist may utilise a variety of techniques including: massage, joint mobilisation, postural assessment, active and passive stretching, taping, and myofascial and trigger point release methods. This total holistic approach to musculoskeletal care facilitates rehabilitation, repair and mobility.

If required, your Physiotherapist will also design an active rehabilitation program as part of your on-going treatment plan. This may include a tailored home or studio exercise program for self-management, as well as Myotherapy care to assist with the treatment of your muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Is Physiotherapy for me?

Physiotherapy is totally catered to the individual, which means that if you have a musculoskeletal health concern, it is appropriate to make an appointment with a physiotherapist. Many clients choose physiotherapy for back pain, to assist with postural alignment, for sporting injuries, for rehabilitation post surgery or for prevention of injury. Our physiotherapists also have experience with prenatal and postnatal treatment as well as treating children, teenagers and seniors. If you have a medical complaint that our physiotherapists cannot treat, they will be able to recommend the correct medical or health professional for you to see.

For our pregnant clients, we have a specially designed pregnancy pillow, which enables you to lie on your front all the way through your pregnancy.

Why Physiotherapy at Core Physio + Pilates?

Our Physiotherapists, who are all also Pilates certified instructors, have a special interest in:

  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation
  • Chronic pain management
  • Spinal and sports injuries
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Pre and post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Women’s health
  • Prenatal physiotherapy
  • Postnatal physiotherapy
  • Ultrasound therapy for Mastitis
  • Physiotherapy Pilates
  • Physiotherapy for back pain
  • Physiotherapy exercises for lower back pain

At Core Physio + Pilates, our highly trained and skilled Physiotherapists excel within their field. We pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to the treatment of our clients, seeing them as a whole, rather than just a specific injury or concern. This allows us to give you the highest quality treatment, addressing your injury, its symptoms and any underlying causes or preconditions, to ensure both a speedy and long-term recovery. Our expertise is important to us and all our Physiotherapists keep up-to-date with current research and we only use evidence-based techniques.

How many Physiotherapy Treatments will I need?

At Core Physio + Pilates, our objective is to help you recover as quickly as possible. We will encourage and support you to achieve the results you desire, through the most practical means available. We will be able to assess you and make recommendations as to your ongoing care during your appointment. If required, your Physiotherapist will also treat you through active rehabilitation – Functional Physio (1:4), as part of your on-going treatment plan. Functional Physio (1:4) incorporates a plethora of physiotherapy rehabilitation exercises, pilates informed exercises, manual correction and are the perfect way to treat any injury.

What should I bring with me?

Please bring along any referrals, scans, x-rays or reports which you may have.

What Should I wear to my Physiotherapy Appointment?

Your normal every-day clothing is generally fine. However, if you are wearing restrictive clothing on the day we suggest you bring something a bit looser to change into as your Physiotherapist will need to access the area requiring treatment. Your comfort is paramount during your appointment.

How long is my Physio Appointment?

Your appointment will be 30-minutes to one hour, depending on the treatment required and whether it is an initial consultation. This will all be confirmed with you at the time of booking.

What is the difference between Myotherapy and Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists use advanced techniques and evidence based care to assess, diagnose, treat and prevent a range of health conditions and mobility issues. Physiotherapists treat the structure and joint mechanisms of the body while Myotherapists treat the muscles, soft tissue, ligaments and tendons of the body. Core takes a holistic approach to your health. Your Physiotherapist may utilise massage, joint mobilisation, postural assessment, stretching, taping, and trigger point release methods and may design an active rehabilitation program for you. Your Physio may also recommend that a Myotherapist assist with the treatment of your muscles, tendons and ligaments as part of your ongoing care.

If you want to know more about the best Physiotherapists Melbourne has to offer, or for more information about our experienced and compassionate Myotherapist, contact our friendly reception staff today on 9523 8111.

Can I claim a rebate for Physiotherapy?

Your Physiotherapy appointment is covered by HICAPS which means that you are eligible for a rebate depending on your extras cover and insurer.

Can I Claim Physiotherapy on Medicare?

You may be able to receive a Medicare rebate on your physiotherapy at Core Physio + Pilates if you have an approved Management Plan from your GP for a chronic injury. Medicare rebates are available for a maximum of five services per patient per calendar year. For more information about Medicare rebates and what you need to know, make an appointment with your GP or contact reception on 03 9523 8111.

How do I book?

For a physio appointment, simply call reception on 9523 8111. You can also book in for physiotherapy appointments online or using our app.