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What are Prenatal Classes?

Prenatal Physio Classes are a combination of specially formulated pregnancy exercises using Physiotherapy techniques as well as Prenatal Pilates informed exercises. Exercise during pregnancy can assist with common health complaints such as lower back pain, maintaining healthy weight and mobility as well as reducing strain, improving balance and strengthening your pelvic floor. Pregnancy Pilates, Reformer pilates and Physiotherapist guided techniques are extremely beneficial for preparing your body for each trimester, for labour, birth and postnatal recovery. Prenatal classes are specifically designed to move your body in a way that is safe and most beneficial to you and your short-term and long-term health.

As Physiotherapists we ensure that each class includes the latest evidence based research, education and practical tools for a healthy pregnancy and labour.

Our classes go for 50 mins to allow time for arrival and cleaning between classes.

Pre natal woman doing physio exercises

Are Pregnancy Classes for me?

Prenatal physio classes are beneficial for:

Preparing your body for birth

Breath work for labour and pain management

Assisting your body through each stage of pregnancy

Moving in a safe way to promote health and mobility

Preventing injury and strengthening your body for life with a baby

Management of health concerns which may arise during pregnancy

Pelvic floor strength

Spinal mobility

Back and pelvic pain relief

Our Prenatal Classes are designed especially for women at any stage of their pregnancy. If you are already doing Physio:8 Classes at Core we recommend that you move across to a Pregnancy Class from 19 weeks onwards.

When a woman is pregnant there are many things to keep in mind when it comes to Pregnancy Exercises. It’s important to avoid high impact sessions, movements that could risk you falling over, exercise that increases your own body temperature too much and specific movements in different trimesters. Your centre of gravity changes as your baby grows,  so it’s important to be able to balance safely and move without being at risk of a fall. Hormonal changes in your ligaments can also cause you to become more relaxed which means you may be at risk of injury if you over-stretch. There are also many abdominal exercises that are not appropriate during pregnancy because of the risk of developing diastasis recti (the bulge in the middle of your abdomen as your muscles move and make room for your baby). There are a lot of elements to keep in mind and pregnancy exercise classes ensure that you and your baby are kept healthy and safe.

When you are pregnant, specifically designed prenatal exercise is an excellent way to prepare you body for labour and beyond, building up muscle strength and flexibility. As your pregnancy progresses, these exercises also assists with a stronger pelvic floor and reduced back pain.  There are also a host of other pregnancy-related issues you may face such as pelvic girdle pain, headaches, sciatica or more. Pregnancy classes will help to prevent or manage these symptoms, empowering you during your pregnancy and beyond.

Why Prenatal Classes at Core Physio + Pilates?

At Core Physio + Pilates, we have a special interest and are extremely experienced in Women’s health. Our Physiotherapists are also qualified Pilates Instructors and are specially trained and focus on pelvic floor strength and endurance. Our Prenatal programs are designed by Physiotherapists who know and understand the common pathologies and anatomical changes that occur during pregnancy.

We offer specific pre and post natal classes, designed for the unique needs of a mother’s pre and post natal body. We understand the common pathologies relating to your pre and post natal body. Therefore, we plan and structure our classes accordingly, to not only improve strength and endurance but also to improve and prevent any injuries you may be experiencing.

For prenatal mums, the focus of these classes is to keep your core strong for labour, to strengthen your entire body, to help prevent or reduce back pain and pelvic instability, as well as maintaining strength and endurance in your pelvic floor.

Every body is different, and every pregnancy is different. This means that you can take prenatal classes at your own pace and in a way that is safe and most beneficial for your body. Our Pregnancy classes are kept small, with a maximum of eight people, so that your instructor can give you attention at all times and ensure you are receiving personalised care.

How it works:

Your safety is our primary concern, so we require consent from your GP/Obstetrician/Midwife in order for you to participate in these classes. If you don’t have any injuries, you can simply call reception to book yourself in for your Prenatal Assessment (see information below). Once you are an existing client, you can book via our core app or online.

If you are pre- or post- natal and have any complications or injuries, or would like a more personalised experience, you are welcome to join a Functional Physio (1:4) session.

What should I wear to Prenatal Class/ assessment?

As always, your comfort is what matters most. Wear clothing that you feel comfortable exercising in.

What Should I Bring with me to Prenatal Classes?

You may wish to bring in a small towel and a bottle of water.

What is a prenatal assessment?

Our experienced physiotherapists welcome you to undergo a thorough subjective examination as well as an assessment of your posture, strength, pelvic floor function and biomechanics in the context of your specific needs and goals.

Each assessment is unique so that you will feel safe and confident to continue in a class, small group or further 1:1 if desired (including equipment safety/ use if appropriate). We will help guide you to form realistic and individualised goals to ensure an optimal pregnancy (and post pregnancy) for you and your baby (whether it is your first or tenth).

As physiotherapists, we are able to provide evidence based, accurate and safe education and management during and following your pregnancy. You will need medical clearance from your GP/ obstetrician/ midwife to take part in our classes.

Can I Claim a Rebate on Prenatal assessments and classes?

Your Prenatal Physio assessment and classes are covered by HICAPS which means that you are eligible for a rebate depending on your extras cover and insurer. To discuss Pregnancy classes and to get an idea of the amount of your private insurance rebate, please contact reception on 03 9523 8111.

How do I book?

Simply call reception to book yourself in for your assessment. Once you are an existing client, you can book via our core app or online. As class sizes are small we do recommend that you book-in ahead of time to guarantee your preferred time.

What is the Difference between Reformer Pilates, Prenatal Pilates and Postnatal Classes?

Prenatal and Postnatal classes are taken by a Physiotherapist who is also a qualified pilates instructor. They combine this knowledge to provide you with the best care. These classes differ from Reformer Pilates because the exercises are adapted to take into account changes in your body during each trimester and post-both. There are many Reformer Pilates moves that are not safe during pregnancy or after birth because of the risk or injury, strain on your body and other complications. Prenatal and Postnatal classes avoid these dangerous exercises but also include exercises and equipment to prepare your body for labour and the months after birth, also known as the ‘fourth trimester’. For example, certain exercises exacerbate abdominal muscle separation while other exercises strengthen the pelvic floor.