Functional Physio (1:4) Melbourne

What is Functional Physio (1:4)?

At Core Physio + Pilates, Functional Physio (1:4) sessions are run by our qualified and experienced Physiotherapists who will tailor each session to each individuals’ needs. You must first complete an Initial Assessment and at least two 1 on 1 sessions in order for your Physiotherapist to determine whether Functional Physio (1:4) is suitable for you.

These are an excellent form of rehabilitation for any injury or condition. Functional Physio (1:4) treats you using a plethora of modalities including Physio and Pilates-informed exercises, wobble boards, free weights, therabands, theratubes, weighted balls and foam rollers. These are active Physiotherapy sessions. During Functional Physio (1:4), your specific goals and needs will be met and you get the benefit of an expert guiding you for every movement.

 Regular reassessments and goal setting will be completed at least every three months. This may occur during your regular sessions or during separate assessment.

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Is Functional Physio (1:4) for me?

Functional Physio (1:4) can be beneficial for:

Rehabilitation and treatment for a current acute, sub- acute or chronic injury

Building on a low exercise tolerance

Helping with coordination, balance and confidence

Assist with joint mobility and improving posture

Assisting with an irritable chronic injury which is easily exacerbated

Rehabilitation post surgery, eg post knee/ hip / joint replacement, arthroscopic surgery, cardiac rehabilitation

Improve bone density – assist with osteoporosis / osteopenia

Reducing back and neck pain

Pregnancy related pain – pelvic girdle pain, lower back pain

Postnatal recovery – pelvic floor retraining, abdominal muscle separation

Strengthening core muscles, including abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and glutes

Increasing flexibility

Improvements with sporting performance and technique

Functional Physio (1:4) sessions at Core can cater to your specific needs and goals.  Combining Pilates inspired movements and Physiotherapy treatment techniques,your qualified Physiotherapist will ensure your best outcomes are achieved. Functional Physio (1:4) assists with rehabilitation post surgery, postural alignment, sporting performance, balance and coordination, injury prevention and improvement of overall health. Functional Physio (1:4) can offer you exactly what you need to ensure you feel amazing while handling everything that life throws at you! Optimal health is behind everything that we do and we want you to be able to thrive. Our highly experienced Physiotherapists are able to ensure you have a program that is tailored to your needs. We help you set your goals, get your moving and achieve your results.

Why Functional Physio (1:4) at Core Physio + Pilates?

During the Initial Assessment, you will have a musculoskeletal appraisal by one of our highly skilled and experienced Physiotherapists. Your clinician will diagnose you, and design your treatment plan to help you achieve your specific goals and deal with any rehabilitation or injury prevention that you require.

After your Initial Assessment, you will generally require at least two 1 on 1 sessions to continue to work through and develop a your Functional Physio (1:4) treatment plan. Your Physiotherapist will guide you through the exercises designed for your needs.

Your Physiotherapist will pay very close attention to you, ensuring you perform the exercises correctly, to gain optimum results. In this way, you receive personalised treatment and advice as well as hands on adjustment to guide you through your exercises and any issues you are working on.

Our Physiotherapists continually learn the latest techniques and science-based approaches so that you can benefit directly. These are sessions focused on getting you real, tangible, results, in a nurturing environment that is set at your pace.

Can I Claim a Private Health Insurance Rebate on Functional Physio (1:4)?

YES! Functional Physio (1:4) is claimable as it is a Physiotherapy session.

What Should I Bring with me to Functional Physio (1:4)?

You may wish to bring a small towel for your own comfort and a water bottle. We have small spaces available to store your shoes, bags, keys or phones in the Functional Physio (1:4) room.

What is the Difference between Functional Physio (1:4) and Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates classes are run by pilates instructors are a Pilates Class and use all Pilates exercises. Functional Physio (1:4) sessions are all run by Physiotherapists and are an active Physio session combining a plethora of techniques and exercises.

How do I book?

If you would like an individually tailored Functional Physio (1:4) Program designed for you, simply call one of our friendly receptionists on 03 9523 8111 to make an appointment for a Functional Physio (1:4) Initial Assessment today. Once you have completed this, you can book in for a session by calling reception, via our Core app, or Online. We do recommend that you book-in ahead of time to guarantee your preferred time.