Post Natal Exercise Classes Melbourne

What are Post Natal Physio Classes?

Postnatal Physio classes are taken by one of Core’s qualified and experienced Physiotherapists. We have a strong focus on women’s health and understand how to help you recover after the demands of pregnancy, labour, birth and the fourth trimester (life with a newborn!). These classes are a combination of Postnatal Pilates exercises, Physiotherapy guided techniques and use of Reformer beds and have been specifically designed to take into account the requirements of a woman’s body after birth. There are also many movements that assist with recovery after having a baby and to strengthen your body. These classes take into account the fine balance between ensuring you feel strong while also making sure that you don’t put pressure or strain on your body in a way that isn’t safe after pregnancy. Guided by a qualified Physiotherapist, these classes are tailored to take into account muscle separation, the pelvic floor, and issues that might arise from carrying or feeding a newborn. It’s about getting back to optimal health under the instruction of a qualified and experienced Physiotherapist.

Our classes go for 50 mins to allow time for arrival and cleaning between classes.

Post natal women doing physio exercises with their baby

Are Post Natal Physio classes for me?

If you have had a baby, postnatal classes are for you! Postnatal Classes are an excellent way to strengthen your body after birth and avoid injury. We know there are so many changes to your body and your life after having a baby and postnatal Pilates is one way to help get you feeling like you again! Dedicated post natal classes deliver safe Reformer Pilates classes in a way that is targeted, compassionate, challenging and can adapt to your individual needs. There is no ‘end date’ for postnatal classes. You may start coming to Postnatal classes as soon as it safe to do so and you can continue in these classes for as long as you feel comfortable. Our experienced and qualified Physiotherapists will advise you when it is suitable to move from postnatal exercises classes to regular Physio:8 classes should you wish to do so.

Why Post Natal Physio Pilates at
Core Physio + Pilates?

Pre Natal and Post Natal care is one of our specialties at Core Physio + Pilates. Our experienced Physiotherapists are all experienced, knowledgeable, educated, compassionate and confident in how they guide you through every movement. With an emphasis on pelvic floor strength and endurance, each Postnatal exercise is designed to help with labour recovery as well as reduce and repair stomach muscle separation. Postnatal Pilates exercises are tailored towards the physical demands of being a new mum, such as feeding, changing nappies, baby carrying and more.

Postnatal Physio and Pilates exercises at Core:

Are a fun mix of varying exercising from week to week to keep things fresh;

Incorporate Pilates breathing techniques for relaxation; discomfort and pain management;

Are a safe way to exercise after having a baby, reducing rectus abdominal separation and to aid recovery;

Help with body confidence and optimal positioning and mobility after labour and during feeding.

Can I Bring My Baby to my Post Natal Class?

Normally yes! But with COVID 19 and social distancing measures, please contact our reception to discuss this option prior to your class. Normally, we welcome babies in our pre and post natal reformer classes with open arms (and still can with prior notice)! We know how hard it is to be able to get ‘me’ time once you’ve had a baby. Your baby is always welcome to come to your postnatal classes and you can feel comfortable if you need to settle, feed or change your baby during class.

What should I wear to Postnatal Classes?

Please wear whatever clothing you feel comfortable exercising in. Core is a judgment-free zone, so if your exercise gear has milk stains, nappy leaks or three-day old Weet-Bix marks, know that you will be totally understood!

What Should I Bring with me to Postnatal Classes?

Feel free to bring your baby (after discussing with reception), a capsule and whatever else you need for bubs. You should also bring a small towel and a bottle of water. We have a bouncer on site which you are most welcome to borrow.

How long is a Postnatal Class?

Postnatal Pilates classes are 60-minutes. We recommend that you arrive 10-minutes early to settle your baby if necessary and set up before class starts. This means you can participate in the full class with minimal interruptions.

Can I Claim a Rebate on my Postnatal Assessment or Class?

Your Postnatal assessment and classes are covered by HICAPS which means that you are eligible for a rebate depending on your extras cover and insurer. To discuss Post natal classes and to get an idea of the amount of your private insurance rebate, please contact reception on 03 9523 8111.

What is the Difference between Physio:8 classes, Prenatal and Postnatal classes?

Physio:8 classes are a dynamic physio class and are not suitable if you are more than 19 weeks pregnant. Prenatal and Postnatal classes are taken together at Core Physio + Pilates. They incorporate specific exercises to take into account your safety and needs during each trimester and after having a baby. Many exercises are not suitable during this period which is why it is important that prenatal exercises and postnatal exercises classes are taken by qualified Physiotherapists to guide you throughout your pregnancy and after birth. Postnatal Classes are about moving your body safely and encouraging recovery, promoting strength, preventing injury and to assist you after the birth of your baby.

What is a post natal assessment?

Your safety is our primary concern, so we require consent from your GP/Obstetrician/Midwife in order for you to participate in these classes. If you have had a caesarean, you will need to wait until your 6-week check up before commencing/recommencing the class. If you had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, you may begin when you feel ready, but we encourage you not to tush back too soon – 6 weeks is our suggestion. You will need to book your postnatal assessment before commencing post natal classes – even if you attended classes whilst you were pregnant.

Our experienced physiotherapists will undertake a thorough subjective examination as well as assess your posture, strength, pelvic floor function, DRAM (separation), biomechanics in the context of your specific needs and goals.

Each assessment is unique so that you will feel safe and confident to continue in a class, small group or further 1:1/ physiotherapy if desired (including equipment safety/ use if appropriate).

We will help guide you to form realistic and individualised goals to ensure an optimal recovery post pregnancy for both you and your baby (whether it is your first or tenth). As physiotherapists, we are able to provide evidence based, accurate and safe education and management during and following your pregnancy.

How do I book?

Simply call reception on 03 9523 8111 to book yourself into your postnatal assessment. Once you are an existing client, and have had your assessment you can book via our core app or online. As class sizes are small we do recommend that you book-in ahead of time to guarantee your preferred time. Even if you have been attending the prenatal classes you will need to book your postnatal assessment before returning to class.