Core LIVE online classes and physiotherapy services

Core LIVE online classes- not currently available.

All of our online classes are:

  • Lead by our physiotherapists who all hold pilates instructor qualifications
  • 40 – 45 minutes in duration including a warm up and down
  • May encourage the use of props (exercise bands/ light weights – or cans from the pantry/ towels) but not essential.
  • Small class sizes, with access to contact your instructor(s) regularly to discuss your goals/ modifications you may need.

See TIMETABLE tab for online bookings/ class schedule

Class descriptions

Core LIVE mat class

Designed to challenge all levels of fitness safely and effectively these classes include a mix of Physio and Pilates exercises.

This is a dynamic class full of continuous, mindful movement, with rest periods provided for those in need. These classes focus on strength, endurance and mobility of the back, neck, arms, legs, hips, core and pelvic floor muscles, balance and coordination, injury prevention, posture. These classes may complement your current exercise regime or improve daily function or sporting performance.

Pregnancy sessions (1:4)

Specifically tailored to your prenatal needs, your physiotherapist will closely guide and support in a small group (1:4). This session aims to safely improve/ maintain your mobility, balance, postural awareness, whole body and pelvic floor muscle strength and endurance, help you prepare for birthing with labour and breathing techniques, as well as other physiotherapist guided education. Expect to move, stretch, breathe and feel good during and after this class.

Postnatal Sessions (1:4)

Safely and effectively address your post natal needs under close supervision and guidance of your physiotherapist in this 1:4 group. The class aims to safely improve your mobility, balance, postural awareness whole body and pelvic floor muscle strength and endurance. Education and guidance throughout to empower you to feel safe returning to exercise post pregnancy. Expect to move, breathe and feel good during and after this class.

Stand up and stretch class

Step away from your usual movements and stiffness to target those areas affected by prolonged postures, postural weakness or general aches and pains. Your body will reward you for it!

Foam Roller Class

For all levels. You can have a half length or full length roller to join, just let us know if you are working with a half length to provide modifications or for class planning purposes! A wonderful massage for your body and gentle postural exercises. Some more challenging strength and endurance exercise options are occasionally provided but not at all compulsory!

Balance and Stability

A class suited to those who want to improve posture, proprioception, strength, mobility, stability and balance of the whole body. Chair and standing based exercises, so no need to be able to get on and off the floor. Small class numbers so specifically targeted to challenge your level of balance.

Stretch and flow

A mix of pilates and yoga inspired exercises suitable for all levels. This is a slower paced class, full of continuous movement and breathing, ideal for those who wish to incorporate core awareness and alignment with breath controlled stretching. The fusion of mindful breath work, dynamic movement pattern, spinal mobility and restorative stretch poses are wonderful tools for increasing freedom of movement and replenishing the mind. Class includes meditation to finish.

Teen Class

Specifically designed for 8-18 year olds this class focuses on strength, mobility and control needed for growing bodies to improve posture, prevent aches/ pains/ injury and promote a healthy mind and mood. Delivered in a fun and engaging way, this class is appropriate for all levels of fitness.

How do I do an "online" class or physio appointment?

To participate in Core LIVE appointments or classes, you will need to download “Zoom Client for Meetings” and install on your computer – it is simple to do, just click on the following link: You will then need to set up an account by pressing the “Sign Up Free” tab.

What will I need?

Your email with your zoom meeting code and password will confirm what equipment may be encouraged for classes or assessments (eg. towel/ exercise band/ light weights).

Your physio may be in touch with your via email or phone with any other information needed for your session.

How do I book?

All face to face and Core LIVE physio appointments or classes can be booked via:

  • Core Physio and Pilates app
  • Online via the appointment tab
  • Email:
  • Phone: (03) 9523 8111

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss which classes are appropriate for you.

What if I am new to Core?

Please email or call our friendly reception team who will help you to get started with your online help from Core!

Online physiotherapy services

Our online physiotherapy services are ideal for those that are unable to attend our clinic face to face for any reason.

They are available for initial assessments or follow up appointments.

We are able to assess, prescribe personalised home exercise programs, self treatment, advice and guidance to manage your issue(s) effectively.

At Core, we take our online physiotherapy services seriously and are continually staying on top of the best evidence practice for online teleheath/ telemedicine.

Please see our blog about online physiotherapy here:

What can I claim?

Online physiotherapy/ 1:1 services are covered by HICAPS which means that you are eligible for a rebate depending on your extras cover and insurer. This falls under the “physiotherapy telehealth” category.

Core LIVE classes are not claimable as they are in a group setting.

How much does it cost?

Please contact our knowledgeable reception for costs of classes and physio/ 1:1 sessions as they vary, and you may be eligible for discounts or rebates.