Core is here to help you through these tough times!

Core is here for you. Even while you stay at home. Don’t let the stay at home guidelines derail all the hard work that you have put in towards your wellbeing, injury…
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Don’t POP … Pelvic Organ Prolapse Month!

[us_page_title]It is nearly the end of June, which is POP awareness month. Not too late to discuss, learn, prevent or fix. It is estimated that 1 in 2 women experience some form…
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In room vs zoom physiotherapy. What is best for you?

As physiotherapists at Core, we continually follow all the latest research to help us assess and treat your aches, pains, headaches, numbness, heaviness, asymmetries, balance, weaknesses, tingling, stiffness and fears.…
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Get Rolling!

Spending more time at home than ever, you may have more time to notice the elephant in the room –  or in this case – the foam roller in the…
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Time for a tune up

Time for a “Tune Up”?

Time for a “Tune Up”?Tune up balls are one of our favourite self release tools used by our physiotherapists at Core that can help to: Reduce acute and/ or chronic…
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Kids carrying their backpacks and wearing uniforms

Back to school, back to new habits?

Back to school, back to new habits?With the new school year starting, our children are heading back to school with their heavy backpacks and hours of prolonged postures using computers,…
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Aerobic exercise for back muscles

Heat up your holidays!

Heat up your holidays!With the holidays and maybe some time off work approaching, how prepared do you feel to keep fit?Whether a staycation or a vacation awaits, why not use…
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Static Stretching

Your best stretch!

Your best stretch!Stretching can feel challenging but rewarding and evidence supports it’s health benefits. But with different types and duration of stretches, it can be hard to understand what is…
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