Physio:8 Melbourne

What is Physio:8?

Physio:8 classes are physio classes, run by qualified Physiotherapists. These classes utilise a mix of Physio exercises, Pilates inspired exercises, Reformer exercises, and plenty of other Physio equipment. This is a dynamic class, full of continuous movement. The use of Reformer beds, therabands and weights are an excellent way of adding resistance to exercises. Your technique is monitored very closely and any limitations you have are adjusted for and modifications are given accordingly. Your progress is monitored regularly by your Physio to ensure your goals are being met.

Women doing reformer exercises

Is Physio:8 for me?

Physio:8 classes at Core can cater for any level of experience or age. While the classes involve everyone completing the same exercises at the same time, modifications are also offered for whatever skill level you’re at or any injury you may be dealing with. Our Physio:8 Classes are taken by qualified Physiotherapists, which is why you can come to a class confident that you will be guided every step of the way with professionalism and care.

Why Physio:8 classes at Core Physio + Pilates?

Physio:8 can be beneficial for:

Strength and conditioning training, including pelvic floor

Balance, Proprioception and Coordination

Functional re-training and Injury prevention

Complementing your current exercise routine (especially if you are a cyclist, runner, dancer or lift weights)

Improvements with sporting performance

Reducing back and neck pain

Improving posture

Strengthening core muscles, including abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and glutes

Increasing flexibility

Counteracting the perils of working at a computer or a daily routine that puts pressure on your body

Core is known for fast paced, highly energetic Physio:8 classes run with inspiring music by our Physios.

Our class numbers are small, with a maximum of 8 people, in order to ensure that you receive expert instruction, guidance and precision from our Physiotherapists. Smaller classes allow our instructors to give you individualised attention, and combined with our understanding of the human body, you will achieve the most effective and efficient session. Physio:8 classes are aimed at increasing core strength, flexibility, body awareness, general strength, improve back, neck or joint pain and improve balance and coordination.

Our qualified Physiotherapists participate in continuous learning and education. This means they are always bringing something new and exciting to classes which you will benefit from! We can’t always guarantee you’ll love the playlists (although we do try our best!) but we can guarantee that you will move, breathe, sweat (and laugh!) and leave feeling exhilarated and ready for more!

Our Physios get to know our clients well so that they can design classes that will give you exactly what you need. It’s about keeping things fresh and fast-paced and having a holistic approach that takes into account everything from your lifestyle factors to your long-term goals. Physio:8 are classes with a customised feel that cater to your level.

These classes are ideal for clients who do not require an individualised program but do have a current health condition which this Physio program can manage. If you have any questions regarding your suitability, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly front desk staff to have a chat.

What should I wear to Physio:8?

You may wish to wear socks that have proper grip, or you may wish to go barefoot. We strongly encourage bare feet.

What Should I Bring with me to Physio:8?

You may wish to bring a small towel for your own comfort and a water bottle. We have small spaces available to store your shoes, bags, keys or phones in the Physio:8 room.

How long is a Physio:8 Class?

Physio:8 classes at Core Elsternwick are 1 hour. We recommend that you come 10 minutes early so you have time to set up and get the most out of every session.

Can I Claim a Rebate on Physio:8 Classes?

Yes! Physio:8 classes are claimable under item 561, Physio Class Consultation. Our classes are taught by qualified Physiotherapists, involve individual assessments, regular reassessments, goal setting and a class combining a plethora of Physio exercises and Pilates informed exercises.

How it works

To begin the process you will need to begin with a Physio:8 Assessment Consultation, which is a 30-minute appointment where the Physio will assess your history and your suitability, formulate your goals and outcome measures, and introduce you to exercise techniques and the range of equipment.

You will also require regular re-assessments of your goals and treatment plan to ensure you are progressing as planned.

How do I book?

Simply call reception to book yourself in. Once you are an existing client, you can book via our Core app, online or 03 9523 8111.